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AFTER PRACTICE is a luxury casual wear brand, made with an intention of reflecting authentic simplicity and celebrating the individual.

Living by the belief that every day life should be slow paced with a free spirited approach, striving to live in flow state.

The founder Dorine Tordjman, is a soul seeker, she is truly interested in finding that sense of fluidity between the body and mind, where being totally absorbed by and deeply focused, makes time feels like it has slowed down.

“As I practice and teach yoga on daily basis , and as a designer, I was looking to embody both the tranquility of my practice and the creative expression of my personal style." 


The brand was made for dressing women in their every day life as well as on their vacation life, as a statement of living life of freedom & ease.

AFTER PRACTICE is for a women who strives to maintain a balanced lifestyle, a soul seeker at heart, a women who have some kind of a daily practice, and wants to feel light and free during her day, wrapping her body with garments made of delicate natural materials.


With the understanding of how important it is to feel comfort and yet feel unique and chic the brand is about taking basics to the next level.

Every item is designed with great attention to the smallest details, yet creating an effortless feel.


Dorine Tordjman was born in Paris, moved to Tel-Aviv at the age of 4, and still living there today with her husband and their daughter. 

Growing up traveling to Paris every year to visit her family, made her world influenced by European and middle eastern cultures.

Dorine graduated from "Shenkar college of engineering and design" in 2011,

with a Bachelor of design, Major in fashion. 

Dorine is a Traditional Ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher, she owns a Yoga Shala in Tel-Aviv, "Mysore Yoga Tel-Aviv".

As she practice and teach on a daily basis, she is naturally driven to design for this lifestyle of tranquility, ease and freedom.

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